About Me

Hallo! My name is Heru Anwari, I am an Indonesian BMX athlete and I have been in the freestyle industry for 15 years. I do creative things and share inspirational stories for the world.

Heru Anwari started her career in 2008 in Jakarta as the 4th BMX flatland until now, continues to devlop sport BMX and has get the award as Rider of the year 2011-2014 from the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports KEMENPORA RI.

Heru Anwari has been working with the Indonesian BMX Association "ASOSIASI BMX INDONESIA" for more than a decade in carrying out bmx socialization programs and activities throughout Indonesia in collaboration with the Government.

Heru Anwari participated in the first world championship at the world circuit 2011 Groud Force Singapore Round 3 ranking 24th Pro Class, Podium 4th Flatdev 2012 Malaca Malaysia, 2013 Champion 1st Indonesia International Urban Sport Festival, 2014 in World circuit FINAL FLATARK Kobe Japan and was ranked 24th PRO Class. became Champion in 2017-2019 in Down UnderGround Melbourne Flatland Championship. also representing Indonesia at FISE Montpellier France BMX Freestyle career in 2015 started to bring Heru Anwari to the film industry to become one of the actors of the tv series "GoBmx" - "X-Pedal" which has been broadcast for more than 2 years. made Heru Anwari famous in Indonesia.

Many companies have collaborated with Heru Anwari including Acer Indonesia / Intel Indonesia / Action Cam Sony Indonesia / Piero Shoes / Wimcycle / Adrenaline Counter / Mugabe Wear.

In 2016 Heru Anwari was the runner up for Diplomat Success Challenge Wismilak. In 2012 Heru Anwari started his business by making clothing brands ZTFF and supporting BMX activities throughout Indonesia as well as several countries such as Canada, Australia, Malaysia. and participating in the expo event program at community events such as Jakarta Clothing / Banten Indie Clothing and collaborating with several other companies such as Honda.